90 Days and More

Today marks the day of the 3rd month since Dale asked me…

3 months. Gosh. 3 months is such a small space of time yet it seems ages ago since Dale and I were eating Ice Cream and we made it official (we had been ‘getting to know each other’ for a about a month). I have learned so much about him in the last 3 months, and even more in the last 6-8 months of knowing him. So, for this post, I thought maybe I could share each memorable moment that Dale and I share together (be prepared, there’s quite a few).

– December 2014 –

I come home from Uni for the Christmas holidays and Mum tells me about this guy who is finding it hard at my local church because of being deaf. Because I know sign, mum wants me to start hanging out with him so he can feel more included.

Said guy is Dale and I start talking and I buy him this 20% more awesome Christmas Present.

– February 2015 –

Dale and I had been talking on Facebook next to 24/7 on Facebook Messenger and he sent me a picture of him looking rather dapper in smart wear. I ask “Oooo, who you trying to impress?” Dale replied with “In this instance you, I’m serving at the church’s women’s event”. 

Dale then sent another message, “and for future reference, I always trying to impress you!” I was making pancakes at the time and nearly burned myself from his ultimate cuteness. 

Dale also bought me my very first Comic Book Volume of my favourite ‘Non-Superpowered’ Hero; Green Arrow. He also bought a Build-a-Bear Toothless Dragon (which now resides in my car so it is with me wherever I go). Oh, did I mention I was a fanatic about dragons?? Haha.

– 28th February 2015 –

Dale and I went for lunch at Ed’s Diner in town. He took me to his favourite shops in town (Comic Stores) and we went for Coffee at his favourite Café (which is now my favourite). He did try to find out what shops I like, but because I don’t really like shopping that much, he quickly discovered that I don’t have one. 

In a t-shirt store he bought me a Panda T-shirt and I buy myself my second Comic Book (Volume 2) of the DC Comic series ‘Showcase Justice League of America’.

– March 2015 –

Dale and I continued talking and I introduced him to my friend who is into one of the things Dale is. Dale asked me out to dinner for when I was back home (at this time, I’m actually living two hours away). 

Also, Dale is approved for the Cochlea Implant, which is great news, so I gave him information about the scale of how pickly a pickle is.  

– 21st March 2015 –

Dale got dressed up and picked me up to go to a rather fancy Italian restaurant. We ordered olives for a starter, which we learned still has their pips in, making it stupidly ungraceful to eat them. I can’t 100% remember what I had for main course, but all I do know is that the waiter was very attentive (in a good way). For pudding I had a very nice chocolate pudding which was to die for. We then walked around the Marina in which the restaurant was in, laughing and joking until we found a taxi. The taxi dropped me home and Dale walked me to my door. We agreed to do another date and Dale got in the taxi and goes home. 

– 29th March 2015 –

Dale and I went to town for ice cream, and while eating and walking, Dale asked whether we should make this an official thing. After getting anti-bac wipes and cleaning our hands, we then went to Bluebird Tea Co. (Dale’s favourite Tea Shop) where he introduced me as ‘girlfriend’ (I melt). We went home (my house) and announced on Facebook we’re together which some people had already figured, others surprised. 

– 6th April 2015 –

We cooked Lasagna from scratch together.

– 16th April 2015 –

Dale cooked me food.

– 25th April 2015 –

Our good friends FINALLY get engaged.

– 28th April 2015 –

Dale took a step and lit a candle in his flat (he doesn’t like fire). He also bought me flowers which were gorgeous. We cooked Chicken Korma together and we cooked too much.

– 29th April 2015 –

I bought Dale Peppa and George Pig and a new Bow Tie (his old one went to heaven). 

– 4th May 2015 –

We took a trip to Dunelm Mill (big big big store), and then locked my keys in my car. Which was great considering my phone was also locked in the car. A nice man from Kwik Fit broke into my car for free for me rescuing me and Dale from the Dunelms Car Park.

Dale booked a table at Terre e Terre (á la carté restaurant) and bought me more flowers. It was very lavish, also very wet in the sense of Dale didn’t bring a coat and got his nice suit all wet. I could stop laughing.

– 10th May 2015 –

We finally got the Monopoly out and played a game. We decided it’s a tie because Dale did his maths wrong. 

– 20th May 2015 –

I found out that Dale blew a raspberry at work, which is a thing I do. Conclusion – I’m rubbing off on Dale.

– 23rd May 2015 –

EUROVISION… Sweden won… again. Oh, and I convert Dale to take-away Pizza.

– 31st May 2015 –

I met Dale’s Auntie who is really awesome.

– 5th June 2015 –

Dale and I went to the Pub… and Dale used too much mustard. 

– 7th June 2015 –

Dale and I went on a road trip to Portsmouth, but Dale isn’t happy that we didn’t get the train. 

– 9th June 2015 –

Dale cooked us Stir Fry, and it was really good.

– 13th June 2015 –

We cooked PIZZA!!! And burned Garlic Bread.

– 16th June 2015 –

Dale finally got the date for his Cochlea Implant (16th July).

– 24th June 2015 –

We started this blog to share our normal adventures.

– 28th June 2015 –

We went to a little tea room which we’ve been eyeing up for a few weeks. It was very British.

– 29th June 2015 –


It’s been 3 amazing months of Dale, and I’m looking forward to the next few months/years/forevers with him. Thank you for being part of this adventure and we hope you will stay with us for the rest of it.


Author: Alli

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