I’m a blubber…

Fun fact: I blubber at films… 

I didn’t get to sleep last night till, oh, I don’t know, about four? Not because I wasn’t in bed, which I was. And then I was awake again at five/six… aaaaaaaand I have a ten hour shift at work today (hooray for me). I did a bit of internetting while I was the only one awake, listening to my dog dreaming, which basically a conclusion of only Facebook. Then mother came down, did her morning routine and then put on this film; If I stay (2014).

Oh, and also, I’m not writing this at stupid hours in the morning. Actually, it’s 10:50am.

Basic synopsis (hopefully without ruining it):

Teenage girl (Mia) is born into a Rock family (dad’s in a rock band and does quite well for himself), but instead of following in her parents footsteps, learns to play the Cello and is flipping amazing at it. She meets a boy (Adam) who is also a Rock artist and he becomes successful in his music, not surprising since he can sing pretty darn good. Adam, I get the impression, has grown up in an unstable family, and when Mia applies to Juliard (NY) he becomes scared that she’s running away from him. All of this is the lead up to a fatal car accident which Mia, her Dad, Mum and little Brother (Teddy) get into. Unfortunately she is orphaned by this accident. Throughout the film, she goes through her life leading up to this point (narrated by her ghost-self), and also the time in which she is in a coma. It also shows the people who want her to stay [alive] and even shows how Adam came back from Seattle to be with her in the ICU, giving up a gig which could have been influential in his career.

I cried. Lets end it there. You’ll have to find out yourself whether she wakes up or whether she gives up the fight to stay alive. It is a beautiful movie and would highly recommend it whether or not you blubber like a baby at chick flicks. 

Now I have to try and write the rest of this blog post without revealing too much of the end of the film (unless you decide to wikipedia it and read the ending anyway).

My parents have decided that when I’m 21, they’re going to rap me in bubble wrap for a year and not let me out of their sight. Why? Because I seem to have a seven-year habit of getting myself critically ill and basically end up in a life and death situation. Brief summary; when I born I had my umbilical chord wrapped around my neck three times and wasn’t breathing. When I was seven I had a severe kidney infection which resulted in my Right Kidney shutting down (and is now permanently scarred) and my left being smaller then the other (which I actually found out is hereditary in my family). I was either septicemic or close to, either way, I was pretty critical, and then when I was fourteen, I had appendicitis which was misdiagnosed for a week by medical practitioners, which the acid had burned a whole in my bowel. My parents said that the doctor guessed that when I was admitted, if he operated 24 hrs later, I wouldn’t be here today.

Yeah. I seem to taunt the Grim Reaper a lot. 

This leads me to talk about Dale. I know we’re only three months in, but he constantly reminds me that he thinks God had me for him. He said that even though he’s eight and something months older then me, he thinks God was perfecting me for eight years.

We were driving home from Portsmouth after face painting there and he told me that a couple of years ago he gave a list to God of the woman he wants to marry. People told him that he was being too specific. He told me that he began to believe that himself and, although he never forgot that list, that he practically stopped trying to find a girl who matched them characteristics. I’m curious as to what they are, because he then said that he never really imagined finding someone who matched up to those expectations until he met me. Now, I know I’m not perfect. As I’ve said in my last post, I am definitely flawed, but being told and reminded that I was made perfect for someone else is great affirmation.

He then revealed to me that he didn’t make this list until he was late teens early twenties. By that time I was around 10 or 12. So, if my God is real, what’s even greater to know, even though Dale hadn’t made that list yet, God already knew what kind of woman Dale wanted and needed. I hope I am that woman, but only God can reveal that. So far, so great.

So, all them times that I almost packed up and went to the clouds, God was and is holding me here for somebody. 

So, back to the movie. It related to me because:

1) Mia and Adam have two very different music tastes (and both are musicians) like me and Dale.

2) I’ve decided to do the whole critical illness thing.

3) I’M NOT REVEALING THE ENDING (if I haven’t already).

So if you want to see the conclusion of this Blog Post, you’ll need to watch If I stay (2014). There is mild bad language (the odd ‘bs’ word is used) and references to sex (you see a male torso and them making-out and lying in bed topless, but covered by the duvet), so depending on how picky you are on films, depends whether it’s a late night or an early morning movie. It is a PG-13 so it’s not that bad.

Go now. Go watch it. 


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