Picking up on things…

It’s been two weeks now since moving to Uni City…

And it hasn’t been the easiest thing ever.

It very weird being back to how Dale and I first communicated. I can now understand why Dale didn’t really act on anything until I was back home for a long period of time, so we could establish a good grounds for a relationship. It would have been so difficult to get a foot into a stable relationship if we had started dating straight of the bat when I wasn’t really home for long periods of time, especially since last year I was heavily relying on trains for transport, which weren’t cheap, which meant that I wouldn’t come home for weeks at a time, where as now that I have a car, I can come home every weekend (yes to work, as I still work at home until I can get a transfer). We still, nevertheless, manage to get to see each other, even for just an hour.

If there’s anything that we’re struggling with, it’s being able to grasp how the other person is feeling over text. I mean, it’s difficult enough for Dale in a face to face interaction, but over text where I also struggle to ‘read between the lines’, I can’t imagine how much effort it’s taking him. It’s made worse, I think, by the fact that I know I can be a little blunt with my texts and just get to the point, rather then all the lovey-dovey, wishy-washy, beating around the bush talk. I can be cute and text like a , but when I just need to pass information on, I just say what I need to say,

We have had a few stumbles, where we’ve mistakenly taken someones wording or even silence to meaning something totally different to what was intended. About a week ago, Dale was asking about the safety of the food he had cooked, and I sent a message back, which after I sent it, realised it could be taken to be quite short. Dale went silent for quite a long time and so I worried that I had sent him in to an Anxiety attack (silly me acting stupidly over-protective and all that jazz). It was later cleared up and it turned out to be okay and that I was worrying over absolutely nothing, he was cleaning the dishes and didn’t hear his phone.

Wow… I sound like a really clingy girlfriend, wanting her boyfriend to message her within five seconds of her last message. I need to seriously pack that in, right now!

And then again today, where I hadn’t really been present at all until at least two’o’clock, and then I had a tutorial at uni. And then after speaking shortly, I then went ‘cyber-silent’ for another good few hours. Dale thought he had done something wrong, which was equally as silly as the above event.

It is proving difficult to maintain a steady communication between the both of us. I guess the good thing about me being away, is that I’m mostly at Uni when Dale’s at work, and I get the evening to message him…

And I even get to wish him goodnight every night!

… So there are pros and cons to this longish distance relationship. I wish there wasn’t any cons and I could just be home all the time, but life happens. Last year I was quite excited to come to Uni, starting my own life in a away. A few hours after parents leaving me to return home, I realised how hard it was going to be being on my own, away from anybody I know. This year is a little harder, especially with being in a relationship, and 3/4 of me being back home. I can’t believe about nine months ago, I was thinking that maybe my home wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I was actually looking into possibly moving long term into my uni city. Living away for a year from everything I know and love, and also getting into a relationship has made me realise that home is still where my heart is.

The real bummer this week, is that on our 6 month anniversary, I’ll be travelling back to Uni City.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows,

Trust me.


Author: Alli

Howdy! Artist | Illustrator | Designer |Photographer | Waitress What do ya know... I'm a round-house aspie lover!

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