My Favourite things about Dale

Spending so much time away from home [and Dale] makes me think about all the little things I miss about Dale and being with him.

Everyone will say that it’s natural that things that you’re partner does subconsciously will annoy you. What they don’t always tell you is that they’re also some of the things that you will miss the most while you’re away from them. My time away from Dale is difficult; it’s difficult being away from home in general, and there are some things about Dale that I really do miss (most of them don’t annoy me, in fact hardly any do… at the moment).

When Dale and I ‘Netflix and Chill’ we’ll curl up on his leather red sofa, snuggle and quite often snooze. I’ll lie my head on his stomach while he puts his arm around my shoulder (I’m always on his right side as that’s the best side as he can hear better from his right side). It’s my FAVOURITE PLACE to be. Unintentionally I’ll most likely fall asleep because I’m in a comfortable place and position, and he’s just so snuggly. He’ll be rubbing his feet together (much like he rubs his hands together when he has an Anxiety Attack, but apparently he does this when he’s happy… like a dog wagging his tail, which I’m sure if Dale had a tail, he would totally be wagging it 24/7).

We’ll sometimes go around his parent’s…

(there’s a cat outside making those weird cat noises, y’know the ones that they normally make before you hear multiple screams as they claw each other to pieces… sorry, distraction)

… And he’ll tap his feet. I think this is him when he’s ‘Song in my Head Dale’, but I could be totally wrong. Because his parents have wooden flooring, and his parents’ house is very echoey, it can be a lot more resounding then normal. I’m tempted to buy a rug or mat for the place where Dale sits so that the tapping isn’t so – tappy.

I have two favourite sounds when with Dale. My ultimate favourite is quite soppy and gooey. It’s when I lie my head on his chest and I can hear his heartbeat. I didn’t think I could grow so attached to such a simple sound. But Hey Ho, I have done. Gooey Alli likes the sound of her boyfriends Heart. The other sound is Dale snoring. I don’t know why, most people hate the sound of their partner snoring, but I absolutely love it. To be honest, his snoring isn’t full on ‘Daddy Pig’ snoring. It’s quite a peaceful snore, but it’s so soothing and hypnotising. I love it.

When he does fall asleep, I’m normally in his arms, and I do try my hardest to move out of his arms so I can catch a glimpse of him snoring. It never works cause he sleeps lightly so the slightest movement from me wakes him up much to my disappointment. I’ve only ever seen sleepy Dale once, and that’s when we came home from London after his Cochlea Implant operation and he kept falling asleep. And the numpty wanted to go to the pub when we returned! He was pretty exhausted the poor thing.

Another thing that I love is watching him play his instruments. He’s a multi-talented man. He can play Piano, Electric Guitar (really really well), Mandolin (a weird Ukulele type thing) and most probably a few more. He also writes and composes his own music, to which I have the pleasure of having a song written about me. Of course, his music choice is slightly different then mine. I like folky music (like Newton Faulkner or Mumford & Sons) with the occasional Fall Out Boy, however, Dale is more Heavy Metal Screamo Scary music.

Cooking is one of my favourite things to do with him. Because he’s Aspie, he follows instruction to the letter, even if I know we can deviate a bit. If the box or recipe says 45 minutes in the oven, it has to be in there for 45 minutes. When we cooked Chicken Breasts wrapped Bacon, Dale was very watchful on how we cooked it, and after it came out was clearly a little reserved (he doesn’t like the idea of food poisoning one bit… then again, who does?). I did cut open the chicken so he could give it the satisfactory nod. It was very good; better than I expected.

Dale also sometimes goes off on tangents and talks about things that he’s really interested in. He will often ask me if I’m boring him, which I’ll politely reply “nope”, and even though I am listening, I’m just marvelling at his passion for this one thing he’s set his mind to.

And that’s what I love most; the way his brain works. It’s so different to mine, yet so similar. Maybe that’s why when he told me he was Asperger’s I couldn’t see it because we’re so alike. Of course when I looked up ASD on the all-knowing Google, I was able to match up Dale to most of them, but there was still so much of Dale that I could match up to me.

He really is perfect. 100% fully and completely perfect.

And I love him.


Author: Alli

Howdy! Artist | Illustrator | Designer |Photographer | Waitress What do ya know... I'm a round-house aspie lover!

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