Late night comforting

Dale’s buying a new guitar tomorrow, and he seems pretty nervous

So, it’s 11:38pm right now and even though I wasn’t about to go to sleep anyway, I’m trying to stay accessible to Dale by staying online on Facebook just for a little while. Why? He can’t sleep. He’s part-exchanging his two guitars and a keyboard to be able to buy a new guitar for himself, however, he seems to be anxious about getting the quoted e-mail for his instruments and on making the right decision on the guitar he’s buying. It’s unusual for Dale to be still awake at this hour when he needs to be up early the next morning and it’s also the first time I’ve received a message from him when he can’t sleep.

I’m glad he seems to be more comfortable in telling me when he’s a bit anxious about something, even when it’s late at night. It’s hard to think of a time that he wouldn’t tell me about things he was anxious about because he was also anxious that I would see him as silly.

It’s been fifteen minutes since we said said Goodnight for the second time, so I’m assuming he has finally found some peace and is hopefully in the land of nod. I’m going to give it another ten minutes before I turn off Facebook and attempt to find the same sleep. I’d rather be 100% sure he’s found sleep before I find it. He was pretty exhausted when I left him earlier (we met for some Pizza and Netflix) and we even fell asleep on the sofa for thirty minutes before I left, so I know he needs sleep.

Twenty-one Minutes gone and no news. And in this case, No News is Good News.

Goodnight Dale x Sleep Tight


Author: Alli

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