I guess one of the benefits of dating an Aspie, is that they are FOREVER loyal and faithful to one thing. That doesn’t mean they don’t experiment or cope with using other alternative subjects though.

Dale is a self proclaimed Tea Snob, and there is one tea shop which he is undyingly loyal to. He even has his own mug there that when he goes in, the Tea Baristas serve the tea in. This little shop is Bluebird Tea co. They serve all sorts of tea, matcha, green and even some of their own weird blends. Me being a Coffee drinker, I’m not really adventurous in tea, but Dale seems to love it. In fact, he testifies that Bluebird made him the Love Potion Tea around Valentines day about 2 weeks before Dale and I had our first date. He is somewhat adamant that the ‘Love Potion’ got him me (he knows it didn’t, but it is a change coincidence even I have to consider). 

Today, we met up for dinner and during our wonderings through Brighton City Centre, we rocked up at Whittard, which is another Tea/Coffee place. As we were closing in, Dale near enough whispered “Don’t tell bluebird!”. Funny Boy! After buying the tea, he then went on to diss Whittard on pretty much everything, including their tea and big up Bluebird on pretty much everything. (Here, I would just like to point out that going to Whittard was his choice. Not mine!).  I’m not even sure why he goes there?!

Regularly Dale reminds me that he can’t lie, and if he were to ever lie he would physically have the compulsion to admit it and tell the truth. 

That’s why I call him Spock, his catchphrase should be “Aspie’s cannot lie!”. Today, Dale had one of these moments (separate incident to the tea). This moment sent him spiralling into a Panic Attack. Why? Because in a moment of being honest with me, he thought he had lost me and that I would leave him. It was basically a worry about his loyalty/faithfulness so I admit, what he admitted to me was hard to hear and it has taken courage to remember that he chose me, but it took countless times of me reassuring him that what he did was good and that I’m glad he was honest when he could have quite so easily have hushed up about it (it wasn’t too much of a big deal which is why it is was quickly handled).

Sometimes his over-honesty gets on my nerves, like for example, telling the self-checkout till that he’s used 13 plastic bags! (it drives me BESERK!). 

But I guess, I would rather have an over-honest goody two shoes than someone who always keeps secrets from me, and not the good kind.

So there’s been a lot of “I Love You”‘s this evening. 

DISCLAIMER: Dale wasn’t in anyway unloyal/unfaithful… he was just worried about something along them lines.


Author: Alli

Howdy! Artist | Illustrator | Designer |Photographer | Waitress What do ya know... I'm a round-house aspie lover!

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