Made a U-Turn

I’m back waitressing at my old job, and at the moment feel a little over my head. 

Unfortunately, my job at the Learning Centre had to be left as I wasn’t in a financial position to continue. I do miss it… everyday. I miss working with the amazing kids that I say every Monday and Tuesday.

One of the students I had was taken out of school because of issues they had. The student was sometimes difficult, and I did lose my patience sometimes, but it seemed that I was the only one who could get through to them. Just before Christmas they had decided they wanted to return! My Sister (who had come to work with me for two days and met the student) saw the them on her bus to work and the student started a conversation with her. 

Amazingly the student said that they missed the Learning Centre and Me! I had given them the drive to go back to school. I’d given them confidence to believe in themselves and now they’re doing well in school! 

There are certain students who I have seen grow so much in the 5 months I was with them. Some students who were hardly interacting with people at all I saw make friends and completely flourish in class. I saw students gain a passion for learning and really setting their personal bars high, challenging themselves to be their best. I will miss it! I also deeply miss the team that I worked with! When I was unsure how to deal with something or approach an issue, I did have my team that I could get an opinion from!

I cannot mention names, genders or age of the students relating to the above due to Child Protection reasons. I also cannot divulge the name or location of the Learning Centre for the same reasons.

However, my other life-long dream is owning my own cafe/restaurant.

Before I had left my waitressing job at the Harvester, I was in training to become a team leader/shift supervisor. It was a step on a ladder to achieving my dream. I went back to that job and am again being trained into taking on that role as Shift Supervisor.

I’d hit a few road bumps (been late a couple of times due to the dramatic working hours change – from a 9-5 job to a all over the place shift job – and also made a few poor decisions which inconvenienced the team), but thankfully the management is being very gracious to me and giving me a little leniency on me being a complete doofus! Going back hasn’t been easy, especially going back in the position I went back in. So, like I said to my boss, I’m kicking myself up the arse and sorting my crap out!

For the past few months I’ve battled very hard with feeling depressed and unfortunately, my family and Dale would get the brunt of it.

It got to the point of one day literally dropping all plans and telling everyone that I literally didn’t want Human contact with anybody. I think I spent pretty much a day and a half on my own. It was only broken by my worried mum coming to make sure I was okay.

Dale and my Family are in full support of me going back to the Harvester, even if it means most of our evenings are taken away and that we now don’t have full weekends together. It is hard… I miss them. However it makes the times that I do spend with them a lot more precious. It’s more than likely I won’t get Valentines Day with Dale, as that’s a popular day in any Restaurant. However… I must must must remember to book our 2 Year Anniversary off (which will be 29th March ^_^ )


So, It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster start to 2017, and we’re only 30 days in! (I literally just had to check that! It feels like it’s been 2017 for ages!) Thankfully I have a Family, I have Dale, amazing friends and a omnipresent Father who knows everything that’s happening (just wish he’d wake me up on time in the morning). 


Lastly, bit of a promotional drop… If you’re in Brighton, please please please come a check out The Katarina, Harvester! We’ve had a major overhaul of our Service Skills and our Food Production! Not too long back the Restaurant wasn’t doing amazingly and was struggling to make ends meat… but now we’re steadily hitting targets and our reputation is steadily on the rise again!


Cheers Guys,

Night night x


Author: Alli

Howdy! Artist | Illustrator | Designer |Photographer | Waitress What do ya know... I'm a round-house aspie lover!

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