We’re slowly getting a following on our blog (when we post that is)… and we know some of you don’t either have us two on Facebook… so we thought we’d announce this here too!

On the 12 August 2017 at roughly 11:30… Dale proposed!!!


He took me to Sissington Castle in the UK, and after a bit of a walk around the gardens, got me down on a bench and popped the question! (on one knee!).

He forgot his words so literally got straight to the point… he had planned a speech bought he couldn’t stop shaking… even after I said Yes.

So now we’re wedding planning like crazy!

Dale and I will be doing video blogs (just because it’s easier for us to do together) of our wedding planning process… which will be both sharing the joys of wedding planning and  express our struggles with wedding planning which we have already encountered!


Thank you Guys for all your support!


Author: Alli

Howdy! Artist | Illustrator | Designer |Photographer | Waitress What do ya know... I'm a round-house aspie lover!

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