Have you ever been in a restaurant and seen a child with ‘Ear-Defender’ looking headphones and thought ‘How unsociable’? Or have you ever been in a shopping centre and seen a child ‘acting out’ and judged the parents on their ‘poorly behaving’ child?

That right there is how easy it is to misunderstand Autism, and it’s done on a day to day basis. People can also often assume that children with Autism won’t amount to much; that they physically won’t be able to cope with ‘Normal People’ lifestyles.

Hi, my names Alli.
I’m dating someone with Autism Aspergers. He’s different, unique and has a different way of seeing the world. He’s funny, intelligent and very loving. He passionate, emotional and very considerate. He does good, he does wrong and he makes me proud.

So he’s basically you’re average Joe. Just with a super-power.

If you’ve ever wondered what experiencing Autism first hand is really like, then maybe this blog isn’t for you. This blog isn’t about Autism. It’s not about the difficulties, the struggles or the regrets.

This blog is about a Human. It’s about learning, adjusting and loving someone with different needs, wants and capabilities. Autism isn’t a hinderance. Autism isn’t a defect.

It’s a Mutation. It’s the X-Man Gene.

Dale (The Boyfriend) does comment once in a blue moon, but this blog being my baby, I’ll be the one mostly commenting. I’m not a professor or very knowledgable in Autism. I’m only recording what I experience with Dale. Sometimes I get it wrong and Dale will correct me if that happens.

He does read this blog, so if you have questions or want to speak to him, he will see the comments. Just please be courteous and respectful. He’s open to pretty much everything, but like every superhero, he has his secrets and reservations. 

Feel free to comment on the individual blogs as we would love to hear feedback!

We aren’t an organisation for Autism Awareness, but if we raise awareness as a consequence of this blog, then we are happy.

Be Kind. Love an Aspie.


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